Our process

At DBC, our clients can expect to achieve a more optimal state of human function – encompassing increased athletic performance, relief from chronic dysfunction, and safe and efficient movements.

1. We find the trainer right for you.

We currently have 10 trainers who specialize in a multitude of fields. From training professional athletes to the locals of sunny San Diego. No matter the goal, we have a trainer for you.

2. Movement assessment.

In order to get you moving safely and properly, we first run an assessment to see where you may be lacking or compensating in your everyday movements. This also gives your trainer vital information to then structure your program based around your individual needs.

3. programming.

Our trainers will then craft a customized program based on your assessment data, lifestyle information and schedule to help you achieve your goals.

4. Start your journey.

No membership or hidden fees. Your only payment is between you and your trainer. We keep it simple so you can focus on your goals.

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