biomechanic based training

Science based personal training for elite level athletes and those who want to train like them.

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Frequently Asked questions

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Are there enrollment fees?

No. While our team does work together to grow DBC Fitness as a whole, our trainers are fully independent. Your only fees would be with your trainer.

Why should pro athletes trust dbc fitness?

DBC Fitness has certifies over 3,000 trainers through our Level 1 certification ran by Donny Raimon, David Alexander, Casey Parlett, and various other team members who specialize in human performance. This credibility and science based methodology has earned the trust of pro athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB and an array of other top level competitors across the world.

Do you only train high level athletes?

Everyone is welcome! Our facility is equipped to train all levels from general population to pro athletes. You do not need to be a pro athlete to train at our facility.

how do i start?

You can reach out directly to one of our trainers via email, Instagram DM or phone number to begin the process.

Which trainer is right for me?

Not sure which trainer best suites your needs? Send us an email and our team will help match you with the right one!

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