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DBC was founded on the basis of incorporating the principles of biomechanics into training programs for the world’s most elite athletes and those that want to train like them. Our team is composed of the industries’ most highly experienced and educated sports performance coaches, biomechanists, medical professionals, and personal trainers.


DBC fitness incorporates fundamental principles of human biomechanics into customized meaningful data-driven training programs. At DBC, our clients can expect to achieve a more optimal state of human function – encompassing increased athletic performance, relief from chronic dysfunction, and safe and efficient movements.

Biomechanics is a scientific field that integrates mechanical engineering with biological sciences. The field of biomechanics involves studying the structure of the human body, including the mechanical function and limitations of bones and soft tissues. That knowledge coupled with an understanding of the forces that cause motion allow us to develop the most comprehensive, safe, and effective science-backed training programs in the world.

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Carlsbad, CA
North County San Diego

What our clients say

"knowledgeable, professional, and friendly"

The team at DBC Fitness San Diego are knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.  The facility has the state of the art fitness equipment and is always organized and clean.  I knew Casey from racing mountain bikes and sought his counsel because I was having issues staying healthy and fit by just riding.  He invited me and my wife for an introductory evaluation and included Drew Courtney PT.  Having worked with Casey and Drew for over a year now, I feel healthy, strong and as physically fit as ever.  I’m riding stronger than I have in years...61 years young.  I highly recommend DBC Fitness San Diego.

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6102 Avenida Encinas Suite H, Carlsbad, CA 92011

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3841 NE 2nd Ave #103, Miami, FL 33137

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