Frequently Asked questions

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do i have to be a training client to sign up for the recovery lounge?

No. While we do have a discounted price for current personal training clients, anyone is welcome to sign up for our recovery lounge.

How do i know what protocols i need?

We have a list of protocols that cater to different needs. Simply select your desired goal and each protocol will give you a list of things to do in our lounge.

Is this a self guided service?

Yes. Our hours are from 6am-11am & 4pm-7pm Monday-Friday. 7am-11am Saturday. During these hours you are welcome to come in and use all the amenities availble at our facility.

How does payment work?

This is a monthly reoccurring payment. No contract, cancel anytime.

How do i start?

Sign up online and you're ready for your first visit. Upon arrival you will check in at the front desk.